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Trailer for ‘Cut-Pieces’

Now that the book is out, I’m getting around to sitting with the many hours of footage Paul and I shot during my PhD fieldwork. Shot as part of my documentation of the Bangladesh film industry in 2005, I have many tapes recording the sets, shoots, edits and screenings of popular action films. I am sitting down with it to make a short documentary about the celluloid industry in Dhaka as it is rapidly under erasure. This documentary maps the end of an era.

Shot on a small handicam, my footage shows its age. But the video-style colours resonate with the celluloid technologies I was recording at the time, each showing both the ephemerality and persistence of older formats. My documentary will explore the textures of the celluloid industry in Dhaka and how the cut-pieces emerged from it. Now progressively marginalised, the story of the celluloid cut-pieces continues in small town and ‘remote’ cinema halls not yet converted to digital projection. There is no linear time of obsolescence.


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